Semar生命、希望和未来的代表 /

Interpreting Semar as the Representation of Life, Hope, and Future

授课语言:英文 / Language: English

· 2021设计马拉松


Hanny Wijaya

Associate Professor and the Head of Internationalization and Partnership at the School of Design, BINUS University, Indonesia

Language: English

Instructing Institutions and Websites

Binus University


Amarena Nediari

Full time Lecturer and Coordinator for Enrichment Program at Interior Design Dept., School of Design, Binus University

Ákos Hutter

Full professor of the Institute of Architecture at the University of Pecs, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology in Pecs, Hungary


Well-being, Interpretation, Uncertainty, Value, Culture

Professional direction

Interdisciplinary (cultural studies, conceptual design, illustration, spatial design, visual communication design, interior design, etc)

Topic Description

Semar is one of the panakawan (clowns), a character in Javanese mythology who frequently appears in wayang theatres. He is a divine and very wise character and is said to be the god Sang Hyang Ismaya in human form. The name Semar is derived from the Javanese word ‘samar’ which means obscure, dim, or mysterious. The figure of Semar is suitable with the name, a mysterious character. His face looks feminine like a female, although he has a body of a male. Semar is a charming character, although he is far from beautiful of handsome physically. He has a puzzling facial expression with a smiling lip and crying eyes. Regarded as the most sacred figure of wayang, Semar is considered as the symbol of life and the dhanyang (guardian spirit) in Javanese society.

Inspired by Semar character, this project aims to explore the context of our life; the obscure and uncertain situation that we feel during Covid-19 pandemic. Although Semar is a representation of Indonesian culture, his life philosophy holds a universal value. His wise and peaceful character represents an ideal harmony of our well-being. The project would like to encourage participants to explore and discover the concept and context of life balance (physically and mentally) during this hard time (self-quarantine, physical distancing, work from home, etc.) that has changed our life considerably. They also can try to find the connection of Semar character contextually with mythology or folk stories from their home countries and interpret it into the contemporary context of life balance and well-being in art and design perspective.

Participants are required to work in small groups during the workshop. They will discuss and exchange ideas with people from different background studies and different cultures. Conceptual and contextual findings will be implemented to their own art and design expertise. The final outcomes will be diverse, which represent the collective thoughts and contemporary ideas of participants.

Output results

various artworks based on concept and interpretation: prototype either 2D or 3D objects, art and design ideas (presentation, poster, infographic), concept of space design (self-reflection, meditation, public space)


Research Phase (19 – 21 September 2021)

- Project Brief and Documents

- Assignment of Tasks (literature review, visual observation, and other resources)

- Brainstorming and Group Discussion

Draft Design (22-23 September 2021)

- Draft Concept and Implementation of Ideas (tutorial and feedback)

Intermediate Review (24 September 2021)

- Submit PPT and draft design according to the guidance

Finalizing the Design (25-28 September 2021)

- Artworks Production or Prototyping

- Promotional Video and Poster (concept and visual)

Final Submission (29-30 September 2021)

- Submit the Final PPT, Video and Artworks

Final Review (10 October 2021)

- Report PPT, Video and Artworks according to the guidance


Brainstorming Techniques: How to Innovate in Groups


Hanny Wijaya,印尼建国大学设计学院国际项目合作处处长、副教授





Amarena Nediari


Ákos Hutter







Semar是爪哇神话中的小丑角色之一,经常出现在哇杨剧院(Wayang Theatre)。他是一个神圣和非常智慧的人物,据说是Sang Hyang Ismaya神的人类形式。Semar这个名字来自爪哇语“samar”,意思是模糊的、昏暗的或神秘的。这样一个神秘的人物形象与Semar这个名字很相配。他的脸看起来像女性,但有一个男性的身体。他的外表算不上英俊,但却格外迷人。人们难以理解他的表情—微笑的嘴唇和哭泣的眼睛。Semar是爪哇社会中最神圣的人物,是生命的象征和守护灵。




基于概念和诠释的多种艺术品: 2D或3D物体原型、艺术与设计概念(展示、海报、信息图)、空间设计概念(自我反思、冥想、公共空间)




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