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· 2023设计马拉松
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What is Design Day Marathon?

The Most Fashionable Design Competition

As one of the most important academic activities during Beijing International Design Week, "Design Day Marathon" is a large-scale non-profit international workshop jointly initiated by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and Beijing Design Society, many universities and institutions in China and other areas or countries, such as Central Academy of Fine Arts, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Beihang University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Sichuan University, China Conservatory of Music, Nanjing University of the Arts, Yunnan Arts University, Chung Yuan Christian University,
Politecnico di Milano, Curtin University, Pécs University Hungary, Sangmyung University, Kookmin University, Tencent Research Center of Society,, etc. . "Design Day Marathon" takes workshops as the core, combines Round Tables, Design Walks, Exhibition tours, and other new forms of education to create an international design education platform and build a communication bridge between schools, teachers, students, and the industry. Adhering to its nature of openness, it connects China and international universities, research institutions, government departments, enterprises and other high-quality resources to create the future value of design education and design industry.

Since its inception in 2016, Design Day Marathon Workshop has attracted hundreds of colleges and universities from more than ten countries to participate, and more than a thousand young trainee have actively participated. The workshop provides a strong impetus for the practice and co-construction of various cultural, artistic, and other related projects, promotes a win-win situation between industry and academia, and solves difficult design problems for enterprises and institutions. Different from conventional workshops, the Design Day Marathon Workshop has very special attributes. First of all, it has a longer work schedule and higher requirements to ensure that the participant can produce more complete works; in addition, it has a clear competition, and screening is carried out at the beginning of enrollment to ensure that the tutors can guide high-quality participant and ensure that the professional ability of the participant in the group is relatively equal; finally, the instructors and participant of the workshop come from different institutions at China or other countries or districts, this cross-cultural context allows them to learn more from each other, explore new skills together, and integrate into an international learning environment. It provids participant with a unique learning experience.

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Highlights of Design Day Marathon

Cross-border learning
10+ countries, 300+ universities, 1100+ participant!
Explore the future
We can get results in two weeks, find tutors to guide the future, and make friends from other schools!
Frontier topics
Digital Fashion, Music Design, Design for Elderly, AI design, Food design, etc.!

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What is the theme of the 2023 Design Day Marathon?

Advanced Design Business

To be a design business leader in the AIGC era, there are two most important competencies. First, business thinking perspective. Only by deeply understanding customer needs and market trends, and improving business thinking perspective, can we grasp industry opportunities and provide better services. Second, effective design expression ability. Only by strengthening our design capabilities, controlling the whole design process, exploring new ways of design expression, and continuously improving efficiency can we meet the ever-changing needs of customers, thus becoming a design business leader in the AIGC era.

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What are the important dates of the 2022 Workshop?

July 26th - August 29th, Registration period
September 14th - 28th, Workshops period
September 28th, Intra-group defense
September 30th, The Design Day Marathon Roadshow

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Workshop works over the years

Review of works produced by workshops over the years

The Design Day Marathon workshop covers up to 20 different types, including: Design for Elderly, Music Design, IP Design, Fashion Design, APP Design, Product Design, Environmental Design, Animation Design, Avatars, Future Design, Service Design, etc. The purpose is to allow teachers and participants from different colleges and majors to learn from each other and get richer content output.

2022: Dust trapped in time

Alzheimer's disease is a common neurodegenerative disease in the elderly, but most people do not have a deep understanding of Alzheimer's disease, and even call it "Senile dementia" and always be prejudiced. The patient's memory is as amorphous as dust, and our work simulates the patient's memory as a dust. Through music visualization to represent the plight of Alzheimer's patients in each stage of the disease, hoping to arouse people's empathy for Alzheimer's disease.

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2022: Research on virtual wearable fashion mimicry in the context of the expression of female life consciousness in The Peony Pavilion

With Kunqu Opera The Peony Pavilion as the background, the product divides The Peony Pavilion into three scenes of "reality, dream and underworld". With the image of plants as the clue, the virtual wearable product displays the life existence state of the integration of dream and reality, and constructs the virtual scene and female life consciousness in it. The product takes The Peony Pavilion as the object of mimicry research, and achieves the transformation of the twin relationship between traditional culture and digital virtual through the coordination of form imagination and material imagination, and creates a time-space leap from traditional culture to contemporary society, and expresses the quality of women's brave pursuit of freedom and personality liberation from ancient times to the present.

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2021: The future of wearable and smart textiles

Smart textiles are increasingly integrated with service ecosystems, expanded material properties are intangible, such as data usage and functional changes over a decade, and textiles are basically human-friendly, flexible, and have a variety of applicability to the human body and the environment. Smart textiles can be used as the third layer of skin, as environmental protection, data sensors, robots, renewable energy, conductive electricity, temperature control and other functional components, digital fabric fibers are widely used. Therefore, the development of wearable and smart textiles will be a key and integrated solution to the complex problem of human's future digital life.

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2021:15 Minutes Living Circle - Waste system management and transformation

The "15-minute Life Circle" is an urban planning concept whose goal is to provide residents of urban communities with access to most of their daily needs, such as food, shelter, transportation and recreation, within walking or bicycle distance. Considering how to define a healthy, safe and beautiful living environment space in the post-epidemic era, the object of design is based on the 15-minute environmental space around everyone.

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2019: Nostalgic therapy design for the elderly with dementia

The number of disabled and demented elderly in China has exceeded 40 millions, and their elderly care and medical issues directly affect approximately 100 million households.
Nostalgia therapy is therapeutic by recalling past experiences. Using design methods to achieve nostalgia therapy.

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2019: Design of public service system for aging communities

An aging community is defined as one in which 10 percent of the population is 60 years and older or 7 percent of the population is 65 years and older. At present, most of the old communities in the inner ring of big cities in China are aging communities, and the public services of the communities cannot meet the needs of the elderly, so they need to be redefined and designed.

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How to register for design workshop


Enrollment scope: students major in design and young designers from all colleges and universities.
Selection method: The organizing committee selects the entries.
How to register: Scan the QR code online or click the link to register.

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(How to register)

Workshop tutoring time: September 14th - September 28th (15 days).

Please ensure full participation for workshop.
The Organizing committee of the Design Day Marathon reserves the right of final interpretation of the workshop guidance, defense and award evaluation!

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Contact information:
Teacher Si 18141750406
Teacher Ding 18600334286

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