新理念下的新设计,传播新概念模型和新思维结构的创造性工具 /

New Design for a New Philosophy, creative tools to disseminate and transmit new conceptual models and new structures of thought

授课语言:英文 / Language: English

· 2021设计马拉松
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Francesco Galli

Professor and Researcher in Leadership and Creative thinking, IULM university Milan, Department of Business, Law, Economics and Consumption, Rector’s Delegate for Internationalization. Phd in Design Leadership from Politecnico di Milano

Language: English

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Instructing Institutions and Websites

IULM University Milan



Paeadigm change, Theory meaning, Value theory translation knowledge, Determiniatic vs Probabilistic, Anomaly and contradiction , Humanism, Anthropocene, Global crisis, Future, Philosophy

Professional direction

The project aims to convey new ideas and propose them to a wide audience using innovative communication tools.

The difference is this: in the dissemination ideas already part of the cultural world are presented and they are simplified to make them accessible to a wider audience. Here we do not want to do this, we want to present ideas that are not part of the cultural world and that want to find in the public discussion a way to be taken into consideration also by the communities of experts. The idea is to build an agora, an active platform (while the passive model of the many and the diffusion of a few prevails in dissemination).

The main objective of the workshopis to create and implement innovative design thinking tools to be able to transfer new horizons of meaning as it once happened in the field of philosophy and science. The project crosses philosophy, ontology, design leadership, critical and creative thinking and media to implement a new approach, a narrative to the transfer of meaning and sense, in contrast to the traditional approach to the transfer of knowledge and innovation.

Our objectives are three:

▪ T1: describe, outline in a neutral way a new system of thought, lifestyle and behaviour, also taking inspiration from the huge and deep Chinese history and culture and identify its strengths and main reasons that hinder its understanding and acceptance in a international context.

▪ T2: Propose models of design thinking and creative leadership that can be effective; it is also a different conception of the person and of the relationship between man, media and society.

▪ T3. Implement some tools and methods that reflect the choices proposed in the previous point. In particular, it is possible to anticipate some key tools: one plus video-documentaries that address the problem in an innovative way and tools of Design Thinking, visual design and Infographics. It is possible that the two paths cross and reinforce each other. Regarding the the definition of Design Thinking like a design model used to solve complex problems employing creative vision and management but also to provoke and visualise models and future behaviours. This is why it is important to find a way to present it (through the development of appropriate media tools) to the widest possible, non-specialized, but potentially interested public.

Creative Problem Solving is the methodology with which community innovate by understanding the needs of the user and imagining the highest range of possible solutions to meet their needs, and then narrow the field until the dominant solution is found.

▪ Sprint Execution. With this type of Design Thinking we set ourselves the goal of creating and testing effective products in order to learn from customers and improve the solution. It is the methodology in which the principles of Prototyping and User Contribution are most widely used.

▪ Creative Confidence. The approach aims to create the conditions within organisations for them to be innovative and prone to change, stimulating, for example, attitudes at the basis of Design Thinking such as empathy and tolerance to risk and failure.

▪ Innovation of Meaning. It is the approach with which companies redefine the corporate vision, messages and values related to the products and services they offer: it is an interpretation of Design Thinking which aims to identify directions and strategies capable of adding value. both to the organization promoting them and to the end user


The Workshop intends to provide new conceptual and practical tools as well as a real case study that will allow to enter into an international discussion of crucial importance in this period. The workshop will provide tools for meaning and conceptualization of reality that pose basic questions: the nature of man, the nature of value, the evolution of society, artificial intelligence, trans-humanism.

Topic Description

Today, more than ever, the post-digital society is witnessing a strong acceleration of the evolution processes due to the pandemic and some epochal technological innovations (robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, genetic manipulation, post- globalization).


These processes pose challenges that cannot be reduced to information and knowledge transfer alone. It has thus become indispensable (also at the level of management and strategic thinking) to proceed with a revision of the reference framework of meaning within which the coordinates for the exchange of information and knowledge are defined.

Output results

Scenario representation, Video scenario, infographics, Flow maps, a short abstract description, a poem, a philosophy theory visualised with graphics and visual tools.


Research Phase (0916-0919)

-Share Documents

-Assignment of Tasks (collecting cases, reviewing and organising documents)

-Review the draft E.g:

-What is Design for New Philosophy?

-What is Anomaly and contradiction? What are the Knowledge Theory?. -Are there any design effects cases misunderstanding and problems in the society?

Draft Design (0920-0922)

-What are the three problems facing modern society?

-can the New Design and New Philosophy help to understand these problems and visualise future scenarios with critical thinking?

Intermediate Review (0923)

-Submit PDF and video according to the guidance

Finalising the Design (0924-0928)

-Design plans for Knowledge-making or services -Produce related promotional videos

Final Submission(0929-0930) -Submit the Final PPT and Video

Final Review (1002)

-Report PDF and video according to the guidance


What is the school of life?

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Francesco Galli,意大利米兰语言和传播自由大学商业、法律、经济和消费学系,领导与创新思维教授,研究员,国际化校长代表,意大利米兰理工大学设计领导学博士


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▪ Sprint Execution. 通过这种类型的设计思维,我们将创造和测试有效的产品作为自己的目标,以便从客户那里学习和改进解决方案。在这种方法中,原型和用户贡献度的原则得到了最广泛的应用。

▪ 创意自信. 这种方法的目的在于从组织内部为他们创造创新和改变的条件,例如,激励他们在设计思维基础上的态度,比如说同理心和对风险与失败的宽容。

▪ 创新的意义. 它是公司重新定义他们所提供的产品和服务相关的企业愿景、信息和价值的方法:它是设计思维的一种解释,旨在确定能够增加价值的方向和战略。既针对推广他们的组织,也针对终端用户。









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