2023 Design Day Marathon Live Jam preview!

· 2023设计马拉松
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Marathon Live Jam

Theme: Advanced Design Business

Time: 2023/5/13-2023/5/14

Sponsor: Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Student Office, Design Day Marathon

Event Introduction: This event is jointly organized by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Student Office and Design Day Marathon. Content includes but is not limited to design education, employment and entrepreneurship, further study, workplace ethics.


In 2023, there will be a total of 10 programs in the live broadcast room, totaling 14 hours, involving four major sectors: design education, employment and entrepreneurship, further study, and workplace ethics. We invited ten outstanding alumni of BIFT to discuss in depth the current industrial changes and their trial and error experiences from the perspective of their seniors, so as to strengthen students' awareness of the value of social work, enhance their work ethics and establish good values, thus helping them to effectively cope with the fierce competition in the market, and make career planning and set career goals earlier.

Senior designer zero distance communication!

As a warm-up activity before the Design Day Marathon workshop, this time we have invited ten seniors in the design industry. They will share their valuable experience and discuss the relationship between scientific research, entrepreneurship and employment, so that you can get here at once Three different design life paths, find the direction that suits you. Whether you are a fledgling rookie or an experienced veteran, you can gain a lot from this live broadcast room! Don't miss this feast of the design world, I believe you will find your own answer after reading it!

Free study abroad plan formulation!

Are you ready for a new life abroad? "UK/Europe Study Abroad Q&A Session" is here! Here, you can discuss various problems encountered in studying abroad with professional professors, answer questions, and more importantly, you will have the opportunity to draw up a one-on-one study abroad plan with the professor and comment on the portfolio! 10 places are waiting for you to grab! Don't miss this opportunity to improve your happiness index for studying abroad!

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